Lesley enjoys taking her paints away with her to capture different landscapes from around the globe. In the spring of 2019 she fulfilled a long-lived wish to travel to India.


Other recent trips include time spent in Northern Ireland and Italy, and three months exploring New Zealand.


In this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe Lesley will have a solo exhibition at The Life Room, Dundas Street, in the heart of Edinburgh's New Town. It will run from 18th to 23rd August inclusive.


In 2019 Lesley had a successful exhibition during the Edinburgh Festival at the Natami Gallery. She also contributed work to two exhibitions by a group of artist friends associated with Leith School of Art. 


Lesley has previously shown work at the The Concept Gallery, Glasgow, The Old School Gallery, Alnmouth, Arusha Contemporary Art, Dundas Street, Edinburgh; Dancing Light and The Broughton Gallery in the Borders; Greens and Blues Gallery, North Berwick; Peter Potter Gallery, Haddington; and the Scottish Ornithologists' Club, Aberlady, East Lothian.


For further information and to buy work, please get in touch with Lesley using the contact form on this website.